Stauffer and Breton Intersections Along 52nd Street SE Will Partially Reopen Aug. 14

Stauffer and Breton intersections along 52nd Street SE. will be reopened in a limited capacity starting Monday, Aug. 14.

Travelers heading south along Breton and Stauffer avenues will now be able to turn left onto eastbound 52nd Street. 52nd Street will be closed to traffic approaching from the south on Stauffer. Eastbound traffic on 52nd Street will now be able to turn left at Stauffer. Westbound traffic on 52nd Street will be required to turn right onto Breton.

Westbound 52nd Street will remain closed from Breton to Kalamazoo Avenue, and drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians will need to follow posted detours using Breton Avenue, 44th Street and Kalamazoo Avenue.

Eastbound traffic on 52nd Street will continue to be maintained but will be shifted to northern lanes. To prevent backups, left turns for eastbound 52nd Street onto Breton Avenue will be prohibited.

The 52nd Street reconstruction project began in May and includes a new water main on the north side of 52nd Street, new asphalt pavement surface on the roadway and a new traffic signal at the intersection of 52nd Street and Stauffer Avenue. It is expected to be completed by Oct. 3.

Community members who want more information or have questions about these closures are encouraged to contact City Engineer Brad Boomstra at or 616.554.0740.

The following map outlines the upcoming changes. 
52nd Street Map showing turn patterns