ELECTIONs and voter information
Michigan Voter Information Center:  Verify your voter registration, register to vote, see your voting location, view your sample ballot, request an absentee ballot and track the status of your absentee ballot at www.michigan.gov/vote.
Kentwood residents:  For voter registration, absentee ballot and elections inquiries, contact the Kentwood City Clerk's Office at elections@kentwood.us or 616.554.0730.

  • The list of elected officials representing Kentwood residents can be found on the Government Representatives page. 
  • An explanation of the election process in Michigan, including ballot preparation, issuing and counting ballots and conduct of testing and auditing, can be found on the Election Process page. 
  • Additional information for voters and candidates can be found on the Kent County Elections website. 
  • Access voter FAQs here
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2024 election schedule
2024 is a Presidential election year.  Elections held in the City of Kentwood are as follows:
     February 27, 2024 - Presidential Primary; Kentwood Schools millage proposal
     May 7, 2024  -  Local Millage Proposal
     August 6, 2024  -  State/Federal Primary             Notice of Registration        Notice of Absentee Voting
     November 5, 2024  -  Presidential/Federal/State General election
Interested in working on Election Day? Get an application and all the information on being an election worker here!

The Michigan Bureau of Elections has created a YouTube video for Michigan voters, "A Voter's Guide to Voting", which explains what to expect when you appear at your voting location on election day.

For election results, visit Kent County Election Results.  Preliminary results will be posted on Election night when all precincts and absentee results are complete and reported.

voter registration
To register to vote, you must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years of age (by Election Day), and a Kentwood resident for 30 days (by Election Day).

Online Voter Registration
     You must have a valid Michigan driver's license or State ID card
     Register at michigan.gov/VoterRegistration 

In Person Voter Registration
     Complete the Michigan Voter Registration/Change of Address Form
     Bring the form and photo ID to one of the following offices:
               Kentwood City Clerk's Office, 4900 Breton Ave. SE, Kentwood
               Any Secretary of State Branch Office (see michigan.gov/sos/ for info or to schedule an appointment)
               Kent County Clerk's Office, 300 Monroe Ave. NW, Grand Rapids  (see accesskent.com for info)
               State Agencies:  Family Independence Agency, Dept. of Community Health, MI Jobs Commission

Mail-in Voter Registration
     Complete the Michigan Voter Registration/Change of Address Form
     Mail to:  Kentwood City Clerk, PO Box 8848, Kentwood MI 49518
     Email to:  elections@kentwood.us

Voter Registration within 14 days of an election must be in person at the Kentwood City Clerk's Office
You must register to vote prior to appearing at your voting location on Election Day / Early Voting days. 
  • Register in person, online or by mail up to 15 days prior to Election Day (July 22 for August 6 election)
  • Within 14 days of the election (July 23 through Election Day, August 6), register in person at the City Clerk's office: 4900 Breton Ave SE, providing proof of identity (photo ID) and proof of residence.  A Michigan driver's license/State ID with current residence address satisfies both requirements.
    • Photo ID = Michigan driver's license or State ID; current license or ID from another state, federal or state government issued photo ID; U.S. passport; student ID with photo; military ID card with photo; or tribal ID card with photo
    • Residence (must include applicant's name and current address) = MI driver's license or State ID; utility bill; bank statement; paycheck; government check; or other government document
  • On Election Day / Early Voting days, a newly registered voter may choose to either vote an absentee ballot at the City Clerk's office or receive a receipt and travel to their precinct/voting location to vote

absentee ballot information
Absentee voting (also known as vote by mail or vote from home) is a safe and convenient process. All registered voters can request an absentee ballot; you are not required to declare a reason to vote absentee. A request must be made in writing and signed by the voter. Your signature is verified when you apply and when you return your ballot. 

Apply for your absentee ballot:
Submit your absentee ballot application:
  • In person = Kentwood City Hall, 4900 Breton Ave SE, Kentwood (M,W,Th 7:30-4:30, Tu 7:30-6:00, F 7:30-noon)
  • Place in drop box = City Hall, 4900 Breton Ave SE or Kentwood Activities Center, 355 - 48th St SE or Kentwood Fire Station 2, 4151 Embassy Dr SE
  • By mail = Kentwood City Clerk, PO Box 8848, Kentwood MI 49518
  • By email = elections@kentwood.us
  • By fax = 616.656.5293
Request your absentee ballot - Deadlines:
  • To receive an absentee ballot by mail, an application must be received by noon the Friday prior to Election Day
  • To receive an absentee ballot in person to take home, you must appear in person by 4 p.m. on Monday, the day before Election Day
  • To register to vote in Kentwood and receive an absentee ballot, you must appear at City Hall with proof of residency by 8 p.m. on Election Day
  • All absentee ballots must be returned to City Hall by 8 pm on Election Day (see "Return your absentee ballot" below)
Receive your absentee ballot:  40 days = June 27 for the  August 6 election
  • In person - if you apply in person within 40 days of the election, we can hand you a ballot.  You can only receive a ballot for yourself; you cannot pick up a ballot on behalf of someone else.
  • By mail - we begin mailing ballots to voters who have applied about 40 days prior to the election.  If we receive your application within 40 days of the election, we process the request within 24 hours and you will generally receive your ballot by mail within 3 - 5 business days.
Return your absentee ballot:
A postage-paid return envelope is provided and the envelope must be signed by the voter in the signature box.
  • By mail - the return envelope is addressed to the City Clerk's office
  • In person - bring in to Kentwood City Hall, 4900 Breton Ave. SE, during regular business hours (M-W-Th 7:30-4:30, T 7:30-6, F 7:30-noon)
  • In drop box - in median south of City Hall, 4900 Breton Ave. SE or at Kentwood Activities Center, 355 - 48th St SE or at Kentwood Fire Station 2, 4151 Embassy Dr SE, all available 24 hours
  • At Election Day or Early Voting precinct - you may appear at the Early Voting site (Kentwood Library, days & hours below) or your regular precinct on Election Day (7am-8pm), complete the application to vote, and place your absentee ballot in the tabulator
  • Deadline:  Your ballot must be received at Kentwood City Hall by 8 p.m. on Election Day.  Postmarks are not accepted. Your ballot cannot be processed at any other city/county/township office.
  • Military and Overseas voters absentee ballots will be accepted if postmarked by Election Day and received within 6 days of the election (August 12 for the August 6 election)
  • Track your absentee ballot at www.michigan.gov/vote
Spoiled/Damaged/Lost absentee ballots:
If you make an error filling out your absentee ballot, or if it is lost, damaged, or was never received, you can contact the City Clerk's office to spoil and reissue your ballot. Requests are made in writing with an affidavit form and can be returned in person or sent by mail, email or fax.

Permanent Mail Ballot List
Voters on the Permanent Mail Ballot List are mailed an absentee ballot  for every election held in the City. If you choose to vote in person, you may bring your absentee ballot to your Early Voting site or your Election Day voting location, complete an application to vote in person, and place your absentee ballot in a tabulator. 

To be placed on a permanent ballot list, complete this form or make a request by mail, email, by phone or in person, providing your name, address, year of birth and signature to Kentwood City Clerk, PO Box 8848, Kentwood, 49518; elections@kentwood.us; 616.698.9610; or in person at 4900 Breton Ave. SE.

Early Voting

 In November 2022, Michigan voters approved a constitutional amendment that gives voters the right to vote early and in person at early voting sites before statewide and federal elections. Early voting allows a voter to cast a ballot before Election Day, in an experience similar to voting on Election Day. 

The Early Voting Site for registered voters in the City of Kentwood is:
Early Voting will be available for even year, statewide elections for the following days and hours:

  • Saturday through Sunday (nine consecutive days) beginning ten days prior to Election Day
  • Daily from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm
Information for registered voters in Kentwood regarding Early Voting:
          All registered voters living in Kentwood are eligible to vote early at the Kentwood Library
          During the Early Voting period, voters are issued a ballot and can insert their ballot directly into a tabulator
          Kentwood Library is the only location for Early Voting; no other precincts or sites will be open
          Early Voting is only available in Kentwood for state/federal elections (even years)
          2024 Elections with Early Voting are February 27, August 6 and November 5
          If a resident needs to register to vote, same-day voter registration is available at Kentwood City Hall, Clerk's Office, 4900 Breton Ave SE
          Ballots and voting equipment at the Early Voting Site are balanced and secured daily
          No election results are available or tabulated until 8:00 pm on Election Day
          The tabulation of results will take place at 8 pm on Election Day at Kentwood City Hall

city of kentwood polling places
What is a precinct/polling place?
The precinct or polling place is where you go to cast your ballot in person on Election Day.  The polls are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.  If you do not know your precinct, check your Voter ID Card, call the City Clerk's Office at 616.698.9610, or view online at www.michigan.gov/vote
     City of Kentwood Precinct Map 

 1  1, 4, 5  Kentwood Activities Center  355 - 48th St SE
 1  2  St Mary Magdalen Church  1253 - 52nd St SE
 3, 6  Kelloggsville Christian Reformed Church  610 - 52nd St SE
 7  Kentwood Christian Church  5841 Kalamazoo Ave
 Princeton Christian Reformed Church  5330 Kalamazoo Ave
 GR.Church  4525 Stauffer Ave
10   St Marks Lutheran Church  1934 - 52nd St SE
11   African Community Fellowship Church  4275 Shaffer Ave
12   Kentwood Library  4950 Breton Ave
13, 15   St Paul United Methodist Church  3334 Breton Ave
14, 18   Covenant Park Clubhouse  3724 Shaffer Ave
16   Church of the Servant  3835 Burton St
1 17 Pentecostals of Kentwood 2627 - 44th St SE

Early Voting Site:  Kentwood Library, Community Room, 4950 Breton Ave is the Early Voting Site for all Kentwood voters.

Election worker application information
The Kentwood City Clerk's Office is looking for friendly people who are detail oriented and comfortable working with computers. View information on working on election day for the City of Kentwood and the job description for Election Inspector. To apply to be an election worker, complete an application and return it to the City Clerk's Office.