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Below you'll find the tentative schedule for 2022 street maintenance and improvement projects in Kentwood. We aim to have summer resurfacing and routine maintenance completed by the end of October.  You can view the 2022 street resurfacing and maintenance map and find more information on all the projects listed below. 

With road construction season now upon us, we appreciate the partnership of residents and businesses as we work to maintain and improve this important infrastructure.

East Paris Avenue from 28th Street to 36th Street
52nd Street Lane Closures Between Stauffer and Pillar Creek - Completed
  • Estimated timeline: June 16-24
  • Description: 52nd Street SE lane closures are expected between Stauffer and Pillar Creek avenues while crews make storm drain and road repairs following a water main break just east of Challenger Elementary School.
  • Traffic impact: Traffic has been shifted to maintain one lane in both directions.  Drivers are asked to seek an alternate route while repairs are underway.
  • View the 52nd Street SE traffic notice for more information.
Neighborhood Cape Seal Treatments
  • Estimated timeline: June-August* Patching and crack sealing work will take place in June to prepare for cape sealing in August.
  • Project description: Several neighborhoods, as depicted on this map, will receive a cape seal, which is a multiple component treatment designed to create a smooth surface with increased durability. Cape seal projects will take two non-consecutive days on each segment of road. Patching and crack sealing work will take place in advance to prepare the road for this treatment.
  • Traffic impact: Homeowners in the neighborhoods where these projects will take place will be informed by letter. Residents are asked to drive slowly during the road work and follow the crew’s instructions for the best access to their homes. On-street parking will not be allowed during cape sealing.
Burton Street from East Paris Avenue to Patterson Avenue
Jefferson Avenue from 44th Street to Montebello Street
  • Estimated timeline: August-November*
  • Project description: Full reconstruction including new concrete curb and gutter, new concrete sidewalks and driveway approaches, new asphalt pavement surface on the roadway, repairs to the storm sewer system and new watermain installation.
  • Traffic impact: During construction, Jefferson will remain open to residents and their visitors. While through traffic will be maintained with one lane, drivers are encouraged to seek alternate routes to avoid traffic delays. 
  • Property owners affected by the project were informed by letter. Mail deliveries and trash pickups will not be disrupted.
  • View the Jefferson Avenue construction notice for more information.
  • September 28th Jefferson Ave Progress Meeting Minutes
  • October 19th Jefferson Ave Progress Meeting Minutes

*Please note: Construction schedules are dependent on weather and COVID-19 circumstances.

Message boards on major streets will give drivers advance notice of when closures will begin.

More information about other planned projects will be added to this page as details are confirmed. Drivers can subscribe to be notified when construction updates are added to the City’s website and also receive updates via Facebook and Twitter.

Information Regarding Private Utility Work

Private utility companies including AT&T of Michigan and Metronet may be seen completing work in or around your neighborhood. This work may include upgrades and repairs to each company’s systems to better serve the community.

Scheduled work hours are 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. However, some hours may be restricted due to traffic volumes. For questions about this or other work in public rights-of-way, contact the Kentwood Engineering Department at 616.554.0737.

For work performed on private property in platted utility easements or private easements acquired by a private utility company, please contact the company directly.

  • AT&T: 616.392.9968
  • Metronet: 877.386.3876

Complaints can also be filed with the Michigan Public Service Commission online, by phone at 800.292.9555 or via mail to: MPSC Customer Assistance, P.O. Box 30221, Lansing, MI 48909.


You can view the 2021 street resurfacing and maintenance map and find more information on all the projects listed below. 

Andover, Lyles, Heyboer, Blaine, Brinks and 51st streets
  • Full reconstruction included curb and gutter, sections of water main replacement, storm sewer replacement and construction of sidewalks.
32nd Street Rehabilitation from Breton Avenue to Shaffer Avenue
  • Rehabilitation included reconstructing and widening existing pavement, placing new concrete pavement on 32nd Street just east of the Breton Avenue intersection and just west of the Shaffer Avenue intersection, replacing storm sewers, constructing new concrete curbs, gutter and driveways, constructing new sidewalks in some locations and replacing it in others and replacing an existing culvert crossing.
Neighborhood Cape Seal Treatments
  • Several neighborhoods, as depicted on this map, received a cape seal, which is a multiple component treatment designed to create a smooth surface with increased durability. Cape seal projects will take two non-consecutive days on each segment of road. Patching and crack sealing work took place in advance to prepare the road for this treatment.
32nd Street Repaving West City Limits to Breton Avenue
  • Included a new asphalt paved road surface.
Annual Sidewalk Repair
  • Several properties, as depicted on this map, had deficient sidewalk slabs replaced as part of our annual sidewalk repair program. 

More Project Information

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The City of Kentwood maintains one of the highest-rated major street networks in Kent County according to hard data compiled by the Grand Valley Metro Council, which is based on PASER ratings.

The PASER scale is a 1-10 rating system for road pavement condition developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Transportation Information Center. PASER uses visual inspection to evaluate pavement surface conditions. PASER ratings provide a basis for comparing the quality of roadway segments. You can view an interactive map showing Kentwood’s PASER ratings year by year here.

The Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council, or TAMC, is another resource for independent, objective data on the condition of Michigan's roads and bridges and a resource for implementing the concepts of Asset Management. TAMC’s interactive maps can be found here.

To view a map of Grand Rapids area road construction, visit Grand Valley Metro Council's website

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