How Do I?

How Do I?

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How do I apply to join a committee or board?
The City of Kentwood welcomes residents to participate with a variety of boards and committees. Community involvement is the key to keeping Kentwood a great community. 

If you are interested in volunteering on a Kentwood board or committee, or to learn more about each committee, please view our Committees & Boards page.
How do I apply for a job at the City of Kentwood?
Working for the City of Kentwood is a great way to advance your career as well give back to an amazing community. We post open job opportunities on our Human Resources page. 

All job applications must be submitted through our online portal. View and apply for jobs on our Human Resources page

If you have questions about a specific job, email our Human Resources Department at
How do I apply to be a volunteer with the City of Kentwood?
Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community, and we are always looking for qualified candidates to volunteers, whether is for special events, our after-school program or our Volunteers in Police Services program. 

Please fill our an application on our 
Human Resources page to volunteer. 
How do I apply for a dog license?
You can register your dog through our Treasurer's Office. Dog licensing is a program monitored and controlled by Kent County. 

The program includes one-year or three-year licenses, and licenses which are available for purchase throughout the year. To qualify for a three-year license, the dog must have just received a three-year rabies vaccination.

How do I apply for a passport at the City of Kentwood?
The City of Kentwood is a certified passport agent, including photo services. You can learn more by visiting the City Clerk's page.
How do I apply for a building permit?
An permit is required for projects that include any new building, building addition or remodeling, decks, shed/garage,  pools and retaining walls over four feet.

You can find more information on the Inspections page

Please see our Application for Building Permit.
How do I apply for a revolving loan?
The Revolving Loan Fund Program offers assistance in financing commercial and industrial projects within Kentwood. The purpose is to assist businesses and industries expand, creating employment opportunities within the City. 

All loans are reviewed and administered by the Economic Development Corporation of Kentwood. 

Click here to view our Revolving Loan Fund Guidelines. 

Economic Development Corporation 
How do I register my firearm?
Permits for firearms may be purchased during business hours at the Kentwood Police Department, 4742 Walma Ave. SE.

Learn more about registering your firearm. 

Please bring your ID with you at the time of application.
How do I request a residential review?
If you would like to request a residential review, please fill out this form on the Assessor's page.
How do I apply for the Adopt-A-Street program?

Here is the Adopt-A-Street Application and Permit. Please submit your completed application to the Department of Public Works at 5068 Breton Ave. SE or

Similar to the Michigan Department of Transportation's Adopt-A-Road program, Kentwood’s Adopt-A-Street program allows residents to take on the responsibility of picking up litter to keep local roads clean and safe. Groups such as service organizations, schools, scout troops, senior groups and businesses are encouraged to get involved. 

To participate, you must be 12 or older unless otherwise approved, and commit to picking up roadside trash a minimum of four times per year. All participants are required to wear a safety vest while cleaning up the roadside, which are supplied by the City of Kentwood Department of Public Works. The City of Kentwood will also provide trash bags needed and pick-up service for filled bags. 

A permit is required to participate in the Adopt-A-Street program. Permits for litter pick-upare free and issued through the Department of Public Works to participating groups for a two-year period.

How do I apply for a block party permit?

Here is the form to apply for a Block Party Permit. Please submit the completed form to the Department of Public Works at 5068 Breton Ave. SE or

Permits to close a street for the purpose of holding a block party can be requested through the Kentwood Department of Public Works.

A $25 deposit for use of barricades is required at the time the permit is taken out. The deposit will be returned upon the return of the barricades, along with compliance of City of Kentwood Ordinances. After obtaining a permit, party organizers may pick up barricades from the Department of Public Works Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.



Stop By 
4900 Breton Ave. SE 

PO Box 8848 
Kentwood, MI 49518



How do I download agendas and minutes from any commission or committee meeting?
Agendas and minutes from all public meetings are available on our website, and easy to find. Just visit our Agendas & Minutes page

If you are looking for a document older than 12 months, please contact the City Clerk Office.
How do I download budgets and financial statements?
Visit the Budgets & Financial Statements page for the previous three years. 

If you are looking for a document older than three, please contact our Finance Department.
How do I download building permits?
If you are adding to your property, you may need a building permit. To learn more about building permits, please visit our Inspections Page

Apply for a building permit online.

How do I download assessor appeals and find exemption forms?
Visit the Assessor page to learn more about appeals and exemptions.
I'm looking for a resource for residents? Is there a Resident Handbook?
We publish a Resident Handbook, which will help guide you on various resources provided by the City and businesses. You'll also find important ordinances and regulations for Kentwood.

Find Services

What utility services are offered in Kentwood?
Visit our page, Resident Resources, to find utility companies in Kentwood.


How do I make a payment online?
You can easily make payments online. Please select what you want to pay. 

Can I pay in person?
If you do not wish to pay online, you can stop by City Hall at 4900 Breton Ave. SE, to make a payment in person during normal business hours. 

There is also a convenient non-cash teller tube located outside City Hall, open during normal business hours. 

You can pay by cash, check or credit card.

There is also a 24-hour drop-box located outside City Hall, next to the U.S. Post Office box. 

Normal business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Please note: New Hours at City Hall to Take Effect Nov. 12.)


How do I report an issue?
You can easily report many different issues you may have online. Visit our Report an Issue page to report needed road repairs, park damage, water or sewer concerns and snow removal requests. Someone will respond to your request within two business days.

If you have a code enforcement complaint such as an abandoned vehicle complaint, snow or ice removal concern or trash complaint, please visit our Code Enforcement page to submit your complaint online. 

If you want to report a streetlight outage, visit this Consumers Energy websiteTo report general power outages, click here.
How do I file a police or accident report?
Call 9-1-1 if this is an emergency. 

If you need an officer to respond to your location, you can call 616.698.6580

You can file a citizen police report using our online system. This allows you to file immediately and to print a copy for free.

You can learn more by visiting the Citizen Online Police Reporting portal.
How do I report a streetlight outage?
If you want to report a streetlight outage, visit this Consumers Energy websiteTo report general power outages, click here.
How do I file a code complaint?
If you want to report a code violation, there are three ways to report. 
  • Report a violation online by filling out the online form  
  • Contact Code Enforcement directly at 616.656.6574
  • In person at the Kentwood Police Department located at 4742 Walma Ave SE Kentwood

Please note, all complaint information is kept confidential.
How do I report fire system tests?
If you are planning to do any work on a fire alarm, please notify us before and after the scheduled tests. You can notify Kentwood Fire Department using this form.
How do I report water pollution or illegal dumping?
We take the pollution of our environment seriously, and investigate all reports. 

Please visit the Engineering Department for more information and how you can report a violation online. 

How do I report damage to the road?
Damage can be reported by using our online reporting system. 

Visit our Report an Issue page for more.
How do I report damage to park equipment?
If you notice damage to one of our parks, please report the issue to the Report an Issue page

Please visit our Parks & Recreation page for information about our parks and equipment.
How I report damage to or an impassable sidewalk?
Our sidewalks are used by many people in the City. If you notice damage to or anything that can prevent safe use of our sidewalks, please continue to the Report an Issue page to report it to City staff.
How do I report a damaged water meter?
If you suspect damage to a water meter, call Kentwood Utilities at 616.554.0734.


How do I file a claim?
If you have claim to file against the City of Kentwood, please visit our Finance Department page for more information. 

You'll need to complete the claim form and return it to Claim form to the City.