Open for Business

Open for Business

Kentwood is Open For Business
Whether you're looking for a new home for your established business, or just starting out, Kentwood is among the best places in West Michigan to plant your roots. With a high employment rate and ever-increasing job opportunities, Kentwood qualifies as a premier place to cultivate a successful enterprise.

Located in the heart of West Michigan, Kentwood is  home to some 1,200 businesses and industries that specialize in manufacturing, retail and service. Close to Gerald R. Ford International Airport and served by several nearby major highways, Kentwood is easily accessible.  

Even better than our location are the people who work and live in Kentwood. We strive to build a community where businesses are just as diverse as the people who live here. Consider, for example, that more than 60 languages are spoke in our community.

We encourage you to visit the following City department pages, as they will assist you with questions you may have about setting up a business in Kentwood.  

If you need to build or make improvement to a building or structure, for instance, you may need a building permit. You can learn more here.

The Planning Department can help you locate resources, understand the process of establishing a business in Kentwood and guide you through the permit process.

You will need a business license to operate a business in Kentwood. If you do not have a license, you can apply for one here