Zoning Ordinance


Zoning Ordinance

The Planning Department has developed a guide to help residential property owners navigate the City of Kentwood Zoning Ordinance. It highlights specific sections that are relevant to a resident or potential resident of the City, helping to answer frequently asked questions. 

 Zoning issues include, but are not limited to:

  • how small a piece of property may be;
  • how small or how large a home, garage or shed may be;
  • the number of buildings and structures allowed upon a property;
  • allowable location and height of buildings, fences, porches and swimming pools;
  • what activities can be conducted upon a property or what a property can be used for, such as a residence or home based business;
  • what types and how many animals may be kept upon a property; and
  • acceptable landscaping on a corner lot.

It should be noted that the items contained the guide are only related to zoning and that other ordinances may need to be consulted to obtain all city requirements. Other ordinances that may need to be consulted are building codes, administered by the City Inspections Department and General City Ordinances that are administered by the Police Department, Fire Department, Planning Department and City Clerk’s Office.

Zoning Ordinance
Subdivisions and Other Divisions of Land

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any requirement within the Zoning Ordinance or would like to know if there are any additional City ordinances that may affect your desire or concern, please contact the Planning Department (616.554.0707,ePlanning@Kentwood.us).

Form-Based Code

The Form-Based Code (FBC) was adopted in 2017 to support and encourage the development and redevelopment of the Division Avenue corridor from the City boundaries north of Maplelawn Street to 60th Street. The FBC is intended to promote a diverse mix of residential, business and leisure space within walking distance of public transportation. New buildings in this corridor will be located close to the roadway to be more convenient for those living, working or shopping in the area, as well as those using transit services.

Division Avenue Form-Based Code