Redevelopment Ready Community

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Redevelopment Ready Communities 

Kentwood is pursuing certification as a Redevelopment Ready Community®. Redevelopment Ready Communities focus on growth in the community like attracting new investors, businesses and residents through targeted and strategic planning. This is awarded to communities that demonstrate an active partnerships with residents in effort to create a vibrant community. 

Through this process, the City of Kentwood will be following best practices outlined by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. This includes: 
  • Community Plans and Public Outreach 
  • Zoning Regulations 
  • Development Review Process 
  • Recruitment and Education 
  • Redevelopment Ready Sites®
  • Community Prosperity 
Redevelopment Ready Community Best Practices are put together by Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

City of Kentwood Redevelopment Ready Documents

- Master Plan
Marketing Strategy 
- Community Development Review Process/Procedures: