Master Plan


City of Kentwood Master Plan 

Following planning and community engagement efforts spanning more than three years, the City of Kentwood adopted an updated Master Plan in the fall of 2020. The Master Plan serves as the City’s long-range vision for growth, land use, development and open space conservation. Significant time and valuable engagement with residents, businesses and property owners has led to this plan’s adoption. We are grateful to all those who shared input and contributed to this critical review process. 

More information follows. If you have questions, please contact the Planning Department at or 616.554.0707.

MAster Plan


The 2020 Master Plan document should be consulted in conjunction with the following compendium documents:

Plan Kentwood - Community Engagement Series Feedback

About the Master Plan

The Master Plan is an official public document adopted by the Kentwood Planning Commission. The forward-looking development plan considers the long-range goals and desires of residents and property owners, as well as local, regional and market trends. 

The Master Plan features goals, policies and recommended actions to guide land use decision-making for Planning Commissioners and City Commissioners during the next 20 years. It is reviewed at least every five years and modified and updated as deemed necessary by the Planning Commission. The update process goal is to plan for new population growth and redevelopment while protecting key environmental features, creating sustainable economic opportunities and providing public services. 

The City’s efforts for the latest Master Plan update began in October 2017. That’s when the Planning Commission voted to start the process to amend the Master Plan, citing improvements in the economy, an end to the housing/mortgage crises, implementation of the Form-Based Code – a land development regulatory tool – along Division Avenue and incorporation of the Silver Line bus rapid transit service along Division Avenue. 

Planning Department staff and the Planning Commission identified leading issues, trends and changes that affected the community since the last update in 2012 and gave thoughtful consideration of future anticipated growth in proposing changes to the Master Plan.

Beginning last summer, the City sought public input on proposed changes through “Plan Kentwood,” a community engagement series that consisted of five opportunities for the community to share their thoughts at different events throughout the City. Proposed changes from the 2012 plan impact policies and principles for all development in the City, as well as recommendations related to the undeveloped and redeveloping land.

A public comment period on the draft plan was offered this summer, which allowed for feedback to be submitted online, over the phone, via email and by mail. A virtual work session and a public hearing in the fall enabled stakeholders to further review and provide feedback. The Planning Commission adopted the 2020 Master Plan on Tuesday, Sept. 8 and then presented it to the City Commission on Tuesday, Oct. 20 for acceptance.