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Master Plan Update

Updated Plan Kentwood Events FlierThe City of Kentwood is updating its long-range vision for growth, land use, development and open space conservation, known as the Master Plan. This past summer/fall, the City sought public input on proposed changes through “Plan Kentwood,” a community engagement series.

An additional event focused on Section 13 (including the Patterson farm, and 36th Street from Patterson Avenue to East Paris) was held on Thursday, Jan. 9 at the Woodland Creek Apartments Clubhouse. 

The Master Plan is an official public document adopted by the Kentwood Planning and City Commissions. The forward-looking development plan considers residents’ and property owners’ long-range goals and desires, as well as local, regional and market trends. 

It consists of goals, policies and recommended actions to guide land use decision-making for Planning Commissioners and City Commissioners during the next 20 years. The Plan is reviewed at least every five years but is modified and updated as deemed necessary by the City Commission. The most recent update was completed in 2012.

The objective of the update process is to plan for new population growth and redevelopment while protecting key environmental features, creating sustainable economic opportunities and providing public services.

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