Miss Dig 811

Public Works

Know What’s Below Before You Dig

Are you planning to do a project that requires digging into the ground? Find out what's below before you dig with help from MISS DIG 811 by calling 811 or submitting a request online.  

MISS DIG 811 is Michigan's free and easy utility notification system for homeowners, excavators, municipalities and utility companies. When you contact MISS DIG, public facility companies are notified to mark the location of their underground public lines with paint lines and/or flags on the project site.

Michigan law requires that all utility lines be flagged before beginning any excavation project. This free service helps safeguard the public, environment, property and utility infrastructures through safe digging practices to prevent damage to underground facilities. 

Steps to Safe Digging

  1. Call 811 or go online to request service before your excavation
  2. Wait for utilities to be marked
  3. Check the status online
  4. Dig with care!

For more information, please go to: MissDig811.org