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Privacy Policy

The 62-B District Court maintains this website as a public service.  In order to achieve various service objectives, this website collects and uses information.  This policy regulates the collection and use of information at our website.

Automatic Information Collection
In order to improve our service to the public, the 62-B District Court website utilizes server logs and log analysis tools to examine use of the website.  These tools collect and store various types of data.  For example: this website collects internet protocol addresses, domain name servers, page traffic, browser types, referring website, date and time of access, etc.

Voluntary Information Collection
For varying online services, the Court may ask for voluntary disclosure of information.  The specifics may vary depending on the service.  However, the court will only request the same information that would be requested if you performed the identical transaction in person.  All online services are voluntary.

Information Sharing
In general, the Court will not send any information collected to other parties.  Only under the following circumstances will the Court share collected information:

Consent. If you provide consent to have the court share the information, then we will do so to the extent of the consent.

Services.  In order to provide certain services, the court will need to share certain information with third parties.  For example: online payment of legal obligations.

Law. Some laws may authorize or require disclosure of certain information. For example: Freedom of Information Act MC 15.231, et seq.: MSA 4.180(1) et seq.

Record Search
All court records and searchable databases are not stored on the website.  These are maintained by a third party.  The website acts only a portal to the information on the database.  Only public files are available for review on our website.

Cookies are extremely small text files that are stored on your computer.  Basically, cookies log specific information.  Like virtually all websites, the 62-B District Court website places a cookie onto your computer.  The cookie serves to provide more consistent performance with your computer, and is not harmful to your computer.

If you wish to remove cookies, see your browser or operating system settings.  Most browsers have settings to prevent cookie placement and easy removal methods.  This may affect your online transactions and performance of this website and other websites you frequent.

Web Browser Auto-Form Fill In
Certain web browsers programs have automatic entry for filling in forms.  The web browser stores this information on your computer.  This website does not access or retrieve this information from your computer.

Correction of Information
If you feel there are any errors in the information on the website concerning your case records, please contact the court directly at 616.698.9310.

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Online Payment Policies

The 62-B District Court is pleased to provide online payment options to our community.  It is our hope that this service will be a convenient and efficient method to settle accounts with the court.  The following is our online payment policy:

All online payment transactions occur through a secure third party.  In other words, the 62-B District Court does not directly take payments online.  Essentially, the Court website is a gateway to the online payment system hosted by the third party.

Collection, Distribution, and Use of Information
The 62-B District Court does not store, collect, or use in anyway the information collected by the third party to process an online payment.  The Court supplies the third party with amount of the debt owed, name, and authorization to process the online payment.  No other information is given to the third party regarding the underlying case.

In order to keep the online payment service accessible, the Court may charge a 3% convenience fee for use of the online payment system.

Disputes & Refunds
For all disputes about online payments or requests for refunds, please contact the collections officer at 616.554.0811.  Each claim will be evaluated individually.  All refunds will be issued from the court directly, and not through the online third party processor.

Legal Admission Implications
All online payments for tickets will be deemed an admission of responsibility for the underlying civil infraction.  If you want a hearing or admit responsibility with an explanation, then you must contact the court directly.

Use is Voluntary
The option to make payments online is provided as a service to the public.  All use of the online system is voluntary.  The court does not require any amounts owed to be paid online.

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The 62-B District Court highly values full disclosure to the public.  We strive to have disclosure to fullest extent permissible under law.  The following is our disclaimers regarding the use of this website:

All information on the Court website is intended to be accurate and complete.  Many items on our website are maintained by third parties.  All data on the this website is updated periodically.

For example, the record search feature is maintained and operated by a third party data service.  A recent change to your court record may not be reflected in the online record until the service refreshes the online record.

Therefore, the Court does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of information on this website.  In addition, the Court is not responsible for any errors or omissions.  Furthermore, the Court assumes no liability for the use of information contained in this website.

Information is Not Legal Advice
Essentially, the Court only provides information, and does not provide legal advice.  All information on this website is provided as an information service to the public.  The Court does not tell you how to act or respond to this information.  If you require advising, then the Court recommends that you seek private legal counsel.

Dissimilar Information with Court Mailings
If there are any conflicts or contradictions with information between a court mailing or information on the website, then the Court mailing will control.

Effect on Rights
Information or statements on this website has no impact on your rights.  Therefore, information on this website does not create, remove, enhance, or diminish any substantive or procedural rights under any law, constitution, or court rule.

No E-Filing
At this time, the 62-B District Court website is designed to receive pleadings with the completion of an online form. However, the Court is not currently equipped to receive e-filings.  

Citations of Website Content
Any and all information on this website is not intended to be legal authority.  Therefore, any information on this website must not be cited or used as authority for any legal argument or position unless permitted by law.

Law Enforcement
The 62-B District Court cooperates fully with law enforcement agencies in identifying those who use our services for illegal activities.  Any possible evidence of criminal activity discovered may be provided to law enforcement agencies.

Changes to Policies
All Court website policies are subject to change without notice.  Therefore, the Court recommends periodically checking the policies to ensure that you stay informed.

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Terms of Use

The 62-B District Court website is owned by the City of Kentwood.  The website is provided as a public service.  The use of the content, images, and logos on the 62-B District Court Website is explained in the following sections.

Limited Open License
The information provided on this website is public information.  The 62-B District Court gives open license to the public for use of text and photographs contained in the website.  This open license extends only to the 62-B District Court website pages, and does not extend to the rest of the City of Kentwood website.

No Use of Logos
In general, the 62-B District Court does not permit any use of Court or the City of Kentwood website logos.  Permission maybe granted on a case by case basis.  Contact the Court directly at 616.698.9310.

Linking to the Website
Linking to Court website is permitted under the following conditions:

  • No Misrepresentation.  Your site cannot portray any person or subject in a misleading or false light.  Simply, your site cannot be engaged in any misrepresentation or fraudulent activities.
  • No Use of Logos.  You may not use the Court Logo or City of Kentwood logo in your link design without express written consent from the Court.
  • No Claim of Endorsement.  Your site many not imply or claim that the Court is endorsing your site, viewpoint, product, or services.

Links to Other Sites
To enhance our service to the public, the 62-B District Court provides links to other organizations’ websites.  These links are provided for convenience and informational purposes only.  The Court does not endorse any content, viewpoints, products, services, content, or affiliations of the linked websites.

Termination of Policies
The Court website policies only apply to you when you are using this website.  Therefore, when you leave the 62-B District Court website you will be subject to the policies of the new website.

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Security Policy

In order to preserve the integrity of the website, the Court has taken various measures.  The following is our security policy:

Secure Server for Transactions
For all online transactions, this website uses secure third party servers for all credit card transactions.  To ensure maximum security, make sure your browser is properly configured and your computer is operating properly.  See the third party security policies for specifics on proper configurations.

Security Monitoring
The 62-B-B District Court has security monitoring software enabled.  Any possible evidence of criminal activity discovered may be provided to law enforcement agencies.

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986
The 62-B District Court prohibits any attempts to upload information or change information on this website in any way.  These activities are expressly unauthorized.  Any violation is subject to prosecution under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and Title 18 U.S.C. sec. 1001 and 1030.

collection policy

Michigan Court Rule I. 110 states: Fines, costs and other financial obligations imposed by the court must be paid at the time of assessment, except when the court allows otherwise, for good cause shown. 

The 62-B District Court's collection policy for all fines, costs, fees, and other financial obligations ordered by the court is as follows: 

  1. All fines/costs/fees are expected to be paid at the time they are assessed. 
  2. Time to pay will only be granted with the completion of a financial statement, and the court determines that you do not have sufficient funds to pay the total due in one payment. 
  3. If less than $125.00 is due, only one extension will be granted, regardless of financial status. An initial payment of at least $45.00 is expected. 
  4. You can voluntarily agree to a wage assignment, in which your employer will deduct a designated amount from your paycheck and forward a check to the court or an ACH payment with a signed agreement for withdrawal of funds from your checking or savings account. An initial payment of at least $45.00 is expected. 
  5. If you have been approved for a payment plan, an initial payment of at least $45.00 is expected. The court will provide you with a payment schedule that must be completed and signed.
**If you elect this option, the court will determine the amount and frequency of your payments. 

Some or all of the following actions will take place if you fail to pay your fines/costs/fees: 

  • Overdue notice
  • Suspension of driver's license for failure to pay a traffic ticket
  • Order to show cause hearing
  • Civil contempt of court
  • Probation revocation
  • Garnishment of wages
  • Bench Warrant
  • Wage assignment
  • Income tax garnishment

Information Sharing
The court does not work under FOIA we are a court of record meaning most court records are public information (anyone can walk-in and request to look at a file with no special filing or fee unless they want copies then there is a copy fee)unless specified under statute or administrative order Examples: Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN), Financial information, cases dismissed under Holmes Youthful Training Act (HYTA), Spouse Abuse Act, MIP Deferral, etc…

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