Vine Volunteer Program

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Volunteer Training for Invasive Species Control in Kentwood Parks

Mayor Kepley cuts invasive vines harming trees in Stanaback ParkIf you’re passionate about protecting and improving the tree canopy in our community, you can help make a difference by volunteering to help tackle vines harming trees in Kentwood.  

Vines can cause problems when they grow up into the canopy and cover a tree’s foliage, starving it for sunlight. They can also cling to and strangle trees, inhibiting their ability to transport nutrients down to the roots, and also trapping moisture which can increase the risk of tree diseases. 

The City has partnered with the Kent Conservation District Invasive Species Strike Team to train community members on how to identify and control aggressive and harmful weeds. The City hosted five training sessions at the end of September along with a work day in Northeast Park  on Oct. 10. In January, the Kentwood Parks and Recreation and the Kent Conservation District hosted an online training.  The City hopes to host more in-person trainings and events in other parks in the future. A signed waiver is needed to participate. Waviers and questions may be directed to Recreation Program Coordinator Kristina Colby at ColbyK@Kentwood.US or 616.656.5323.

Thanks for doing your part to support healthy trees in our community.

Banner photo by: Max Williamson, USDA Forest Service,