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Sponsor Sports Programs
Kentwood Parks & Recreation hosts a variety of adult and youth sports clinics and leagues including basketball, soccer, softball/t-ball, and volleyball.  Staying active through recreation and sports is important throughout one’s life.  Your sponsorship will benefit participants of all ages and offers many great marketing opportunities.
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In addition to our sports programs, we run several adult sports tournaments throughout the year including volleyball (indoor/beach) and pickleball.  If you are interested in exploring further sponsorship opportunities to support these tournaments, please contact Sherry Barnum at

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Sponsor Enrichment Programs
Enrichment programs are vital for all age groups. These programs help participants develop interests and identify their talents. Kentwood Parks & Recreation offers everything from art, dance, cooking, science, and nature programs to one-day workshops for kids and adults. Your sponsorship helps to keep these programs affordable so that cost is not a barrier to participation. Choose the enrichment category to sponsor both youth and adult activities for the year.

Our art programs aim to provide a vibrant and inclusive space for individuals of all ages to explore, express, and appreciate the world of art. Classes include Young Little Artists, Art Expressions, Adult Art Series, Cookies & Canvas for kids, and Paint & Sip for adults. Our programs offer a diverse range of activities and workshops to cater to various interests and skill levels.

Our cooking classes provide a dynamic and enjoyable culinary experience for individuals of all ages. Many of our cooking classes have participants that come back again and again. Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or an aspiring chef, our programs are designed to inspire creativity, teach essential cooking skills, and foster a love for preparing delicious and nutritious meals. Classes include Kids in the Kitchen, International Cooking, Adult Cooking Workshops, Adaptive and Senior Cooking Classes.

Our dance classes provide an energetic and inclusive environment for individuals of all ages to explore the joy of movement and express themselves through dance. Kids as young as three learn basic skills in Youth Movement and Youth Ballet classes. We also have Pom Dance, Hip Hop, and Tap for both kids and adults as well as Line Dancing and Lyrical Dance. Our programs offer a variety of dance styles and levels to accommodate different interests and abilities.
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If you are interested in exploring further sponsorship opportunities to support our enrichment programs, please contact Shelby Henshaw at

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