Small Claims

Court (62-B District)


Welcome to the 62-B Small Claims Division. The Small Claims Division is responsible for processing and setting hearing dates for all small claims. In the 62-B District, small claims cases are heard by the attorney magistrate. To learn more about Small Claims court and its processes, please view our presentation.

Please contact our Small Claims Clerk at 616.656.5301 with any questions.

Small Claims Division

How to file a pleading
To file a Small Claims pleading, please complete this online form and:
  1. Attach your form, motion or other filing as a Word Document or PDF. Attach the form, not a link to the form, as the court cannot sign into a remote/cloud server. Exhibits should be attached as a PDF.  Commonly used forms are available here: Small Claims Forms
  2. Electronically sign your documents with an electronic encryption program that ensures authenticity. If not signed appropriately, the filing will not be accepted. 
  3. Please click the appropriate filing fee option after completing your online form to pay your fee.
Fee Schedule
Claim Filing Fee
Claims up to $600.00   $30.00
Claims from $600.01 to $1,750.00   $50.00
Claims from $1,750.01 to $7,000.00   $70.00