Eviction Diversion Program

Court (62-B District)

The 62B District Court has an eviction diversion program. Representatives from the Salvation Army, representatives from the Department of Human Services (DHS), representatives from Community Legal Services and Cooley Law School appear in court once a month when we schedule eviction cases from several landlords in the city of Kentwood. If a tenant asks for financial assistance to pay the rent or legal assistance, the tenant can obtain that assistance immediately in the courthouse.

If the tenant is eligible for financial assistance, the case is dismissed. A judgment which could harm the tenant's credit record does not enter. If the rent is not paid within ten days, a judgment will be entered and at the same time an order of eviction will issue so that the landlord does not forfeit any rights.

A tenant finds out promptly if he or she qualifies for assistance and how much assistance he or she will receive. The Salvation Army and the DHS can promptly obtain the information they need from the landlord. The landlord promptly knows if DHS will be assisting the tenant.