On the Road Program

Court (62-B District)


The 62-B District Court’s “On the Road” program encourages individuals with certain license-related charges to get back behind the wheel with a valid license and potentially avoid a criminal conviction, resulting in more licensed drivers and safer roads.

On the Road Program

Who is eligible for the program?

The program may work for you if you are being charged by the City of Kentwood with:

  • DWLS: Driving with your license suspended, revoked or denied 
  • Driving unlicensed: You’ve never applied for a license.

With “On the Road,” you may be eligible for a conditional dismissal of the charge.

Talk with the attorney at your arraignment about why your license is suspended and the steps you’ve taken toward getting your license restored or let them know about any upcoming appointments you have with the Secretary of State, such as when your road and written test are scheduled.

If you get a driver’s permit or clear your suspension and provide the clearance form to the Secretary of State with the required fee, you may avoid a conviction.

If you have already restored your license or received a permit, be sure to tell the judge at your arraignment.

How it works

The court’s judge will determine if a person is eligible for the program during arraignment. If individuals qualify, the defendants may be ordered to complete the following on or before their review hearing:

  • Pay alloutstanding traffic tickets in any 
  • Clearall suspensions listed by the Secretary of 
  • Pay any required fee to necessary to reinstate driving privileges.
  • Complete a basic driving skills course and pay the required fee.
  • Obtain a Temporary Instruction Permit.
  • Restore their driver’s license.
  • Plead responsible to one civil infraction of impeding traffic.

If the defendant completes the terms of their individual agreement, a criminal conviction is avoided. If the defendant fails to complete the terms, the case will be reinstated at the review hearing. Failure to abide by the terms of this conditional dismissal may make the defendant ineligible for any future plea offer in the matter. A new driving offense charged before the review hearing may be grounds for the reinstatement of the case. 

For questions about the “On the Road” program, please contact the 62-B District Court at 616.554.0786.