Basic Driver Improvement Course

Court (62-B District)

If you are eligible to take a Basic Driver Improvement Course to avoid points on your driving record, the Secretary of State will notify you at the address on your drivers license. You must attend and successfully complete the program within 60 days of the date that the Secretary of State notifies you.

You are not eligible for this program if any of the following apply:

(a) The violation occurred while you were operating a commercial motor vehicle or you were licensed as a commercial driver while operating a noncommercial motor vehicle.

(b) The violation is a criminal offense.

(c) The violation is a violation for which 4 or more points may be assessed.

(d) The violation is for careless driving, speeding in a work zone, a school zone, or failing to stop for a school bus.

(e) You were cited for more than 1 moving violation arising from the same incident.

(f) Your license was suspended for failure to pay the fines and costs or failure to appear in court in connection with the violation.

(g) You previously successfully completed a basic driver improvement course.

(h) You have 3 or more points on his or her driving record.

(i) Your operator's or chauffeur's license is restricted, suspended, or revoked, or you were not issued an operator's or chauffeur's license.

For more information on the Basic Driver Improvement Program look at the Secretary of State's Website.