Construction Projects


Construction PROJECTS 2019

Below is an update of the construction projects planned for this year. A tentative road construction and maintenance schedule for summer road projects will be announced soon. We appreciate the patience of residents and businesses as we work to maintain and improve our streets in Kentwood.

2019 Planned Projects
Rondo/Gerda Road Reconstruction
     June - July
     Construction Cost $1,100,000

44th & Patterson Traffic Signal
     June - August
     Construction Cost $731,000

Spark and Forest Hill Rehabilitation
     June 24 - August
     Construction Cost $1,305,000
2019 Sidewalk Repair Program
     June - August
     Construction Cost $100,000
Pinetree Ave New Sidewalks
     July - September
     Construction Cost $200,000
Veterans Park Improvements

    June - November
    Construction Cost $1,400,000
Old Farm Park New Restrooms
     May 3rd - August
     Construction Cost $468,000
City Hall Renovations
      April 1st - June
      Construction Cost $120,000
Activities Center Facade & Sign
     April - June
     Construction Cost $269,000

Construction cost are estimates

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