Jury Duty

Court (62-B District)

Jury Duty

What should I do if I am called for jury duty?
First, double check the summons that was mailed to you.  Make sure that you are called for jury duty at the 62-B District Court in Kentwood.

If you have been called for jury duty by our court, please call us at 616.554.0711 after 5 p.m. the night before you are to report to the court.  Select option #4 on the telephone tree, a recording will tell you if you need to report the next morning.

What happens if I am to report for jury duty?
If you need to report, you must be checked in by 9:30 a.m.

How long will I be summoned for?
Jurors are summoned for one trial.  Typically, most trials at our Court end within a day’s time.

When are juries selected?
Juries are selected the same day as the trial.

Will I be called again for jury duty?
Once a summons period is over, your jury duty in state court is complete for at least twelve months.

What happens if I cannot appear for jury duty?
If you are scheduled for jury duty and cannot appear, you must have the permission of the court to be excused or have the dates changed.

What can I read if I would like more information about my role as juror?
Please read the Juror's Manual. This manual explains ;how the jury system works and the role of the jury during a trial. See  also the State Bar of Michigan Jury Manual.