Kentwood Police Warn Residents of Phone Scam

If you receive a Suspicious Call, Contact Kentwood Police directly at 616.698.6580

The Kentwood Police Department would like to warn area residents of a phone scam where the caller alleges to be a Kentwood police officer, detective, captain, etc. who has a warrant for their arrest and requests the individual to go to the bank to retrieve money. 

The caller is apparently spoofing phone numbers, making it appear that the calls are legitimate from the Kentwood Police Department, but they are not. Spoofing is when a legitimate number appears in the victim’s caller ID, but the call is actually from someone trying to pull a scam. 

To be clear, these calls are fraudulent and are not requests the Kentwood Police Department would make if someone had an arrest warrant. The department is investigating the issue and will pursue criminal charges for the individual(s) behind these false calls.
If you receive a call like this, under no circumstance meet or give money to the caller or provide any personal information. Instead, hang up and contact the Kentwood Police Department directly at 616.698.6580.