Michigan's Cottage Food Law

Kentwood Farmers Market

The Kentwood Farmers Market allows the sale of Cottage Law Foods
Under Michigan’s Cottage Food Law, entrepreneurs of small food businesses may prepare non-potentially hazardous foods at home and sell them directly to customers at farmers markets, roadside stands, or other direct markets.

Under Michigan’s Cottage Law:

  1. Entrepreneurs may prepare and sell foods directly to consumers.
  2. Foods must be for human consumption. (Not pet foods)
  3. Foods must be non-potentially hazardous for food safety. This means they can be kept at room temperature and not require refrigeration.
    • Allowed items include: Breads, Baked goods, Cookies, Cakes, Fruit jams and jellies, Candies, Granola, Dry herbs, Dry baking mixes, Dry soup or dip mixes, Dehydrated vegetables or fruits, Muffins, Popcorn, Nuts, Dried pasta, Coffee beans/grounds, Chocolate covered pretzels, Vinegar
    • NOT ALLOWED: Meats and meat products including jerky, Fish and fish products, Raw seed sprouts, Canned fruits or vegetables, Salsas, Canned pickled products like pickles or sauerkraut, Pies and cakes that require refrigeration, Milk and dairy products, Hummus, Any beverage, Confections that contain alcohol, Sauces and condiments
  4. Preparer must follow basic food safety and personal hygiene guidelines.
  5. Foods must be prepared in the unlicensed home kitchen of your primary residence.
  6. Foods must be packaged and properly labeled according to MDARD standards 
  7. Cottage Law businesses cannot earn more than $25,000 in gross sales per year.