Springtime Egg Scavenger Hunt

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Springtime Egg Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, April 1, 2023 to Monday- April 10- 2023
Various Kentwood Parks
Search for colorful egg shaped signs hidden in our parks and win fun prizes! The Kentwood Parks and Rec team will be hiding egg shaped signs at parks across town. Look high, look low, and when you find one, snag it and bring it in to the Kentwood Activities Center to collect a prize. One prize per family.

Here's where you can still find some Eggs:
Will be Updated after hunt begins on 4/1/23
Park #Eggs Claimed #Eggs Remaining
Bowen Station, 4499 Bowen Blvd SE 0 3
Burgis Park, 4554 Burgis Ave SE 0 3
Covenant Park, 3724 Shaffer Ave SE 0 3
East Paris Nature Park, 5995 East Paris Ave SE 0 3
Home Acres, 145 Farnham St SE 0 3
Kellogg Woods Park, 275 Kellogg Woods Park Dr SE 0 3
Northeast Park, 1900 Middleground Dr SE 0 3
Old Farm Park, 2350 Embro Dr SE 0 3
Paris Park, 3213 60th St SE 0 3
Pinewood Park, 1999 Wolfboro Dr SE 0 3
Stanaback Park, 3717 Whitebud Dr SE 0 3
Veterans Memorial Park, 355 48th St SE 0 3

Did you find an egg?
  • Congratulations! Bring it in to the Kentwood Activities Center at 355 48th St. SE before April 14 to draw for a prize. The office is open Mon-Thu 8am – 5pm and Fri 8am – 4pm. 
  • Watch for contest updates and claimed eggs on Facebook.
  • Limit one prize per family.
Prize Donations From:
Dave & Busters
Kentwood Parks & Recreation
More TBA