Volunteers in Police Service

Kentwood Police


The Kentwood Police Department encourages and provides an opportunity for citizens to volunteer in a variety of different areas within our police department. Since 1993, Volunteers in Police Services (V.I.P.S) have been a integral part of our Department.

The mission of the Volunteers in Police Service program is to utilize volunteers to provide support and expand the effectiveness and efficiency of the services that the Kentwood Police Department provides to the citizens of Kentwood. Last year, VIPS contributed almost 4,000 hours to the Department.

Currently, we utilize volunteers in the following ways:

  • Road Patrol - These volunteers enforce handicap and other parking laws, patrol neighborhoods, and provide a service of being extra eyes and ears throughout the City of Kentwood. 

  • Trail Patrol - Trail volunteers act as a friendly presence on the trails and report any issues or problems. 

  • Administrative Assistance – These volunteers assist office staff with various clerical duties.

  • Special Events – Special event volunteers are asked to help at various events throughout the year.  The volunteers represent the Kentwood Police Department at these events by being a visible, friendly presence. 

  • Chaplain - Chaplains assist Department personnel in handling a variety of crisis situations and provide our citizens and officers with service in time of personal crisis or tragedy.

Eligibility Requirements:

To become a member of the Kentwood Police Department’s V.I.P.S. program, you must be:

  • At least 21 years of age (no maximum age limit)

  • In good physical health

  • Undergo application and screening process

  • Able to pass a background check

  • Able to attend and pass 40 hours of classroom instruction and road training

  • Able to commit 3-4 hours of volunteer time per week

We need additional volunteers to help with community road patrol, trail patrol, administrative duties, and community events.  By becoming a part of our Volunteer in Police Service program, you can help keep our city safe, while lending a much needed hand.


Vicki Highland

phone: (616)-656-6571