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Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is the main investigative unit of the Kentwood Police Department. This unit is overseen by Services Captian Morningstar and consists of one sergeant and six on-site detectives who investigate major and general case complaints.  The Detective Bureau is responsible for following up on all cases, investigating  crimes and obtaining arrest warrants and search warrants.  Not all crimes are assigned for a follow-up investigation.  The Department uses a case screening process to maximize available investigative resources by concentrating investigative efforts on those cases which have a reasonable probability of being solved.  A detective will contact you if your case is assigned for further follow up.

If you would like information about the status of your case, you may contact the Detective Bureau online or buy phone at (616)-656-6600


The Combined Auto Theft Team investigates all auto theft crimes in Kent county-wide in West Michigan.  Contributing police agencies include Kentwood, Grand Rapids, Wyoming, and the Kent County Sheriff's Department.  The auto theft team is funded, in part, by the Michigan Auto Theft Prevention Authority.  This contribution amounts to 50% of the personnel, vehicle, and equipment costs.


The Metropolitan Fraud & Identity Theft Team (MFITT) investigates identity theft, check cases, credit card fraud, and other white collar crimes.  Detectives work out of the Wyoming Police Department.  Contributing police agencies include Kentwood, Wyoming, Grand Rapids, and the Kent County Sheriff's Department.

METROPOLITAN narcotics enforcement teAM (MET)

 The Metropolitan Narcotics Enforcement Team (MET) investigates  drug and narcotics crimes in West Michigan.  There is one full time detectives assigned to MET. 

detective sgt. roelofs
phone: 616-656-6602