Traffic Unit

Patrol Division

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is part of the Community Services Bureau.  It consists of one sergeant, three traffic specialists, and one police cadet.  The officers of this unit have a primary responsibility to enforce traffic laws.  Other services performed by this unit include: abandoned vehicle follow-ups, salvaged vehicle inspections, traffic engineering studies, speed monitoring, and accident investigations.  If you have questions about traffic related incidents, please click here. You may also contact the Traffic Bureau directly at 616-656-6580.


motorcycle unit

The Kentwood Police Department Motorcycle Unit is comprised of two Harley Davidson motorcycles allocated for patrol, traffic enforcement, and special details.  Kentwood Police motorcycle officers attend extensive training through the state of Michigan which enhance the officer’s knowledge and operation of the motorcycle, as well as emergency response operations. Training includes reaction to tight turns, obstacle avoidance, controlled braking, high speed operations, and safety techniques.

Motorcycle Unit

traffic bureau
Sergeant UNSELD
PHONE: 616-656-6585