Frequently Asked Questions


Fingerprinting FAQ

How may I get fingerprinted for employment?
Applicant fingerprinting is done on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm. Fingerprints on cards are $15.00 cash or check only, and livescan fingerprints are $58.25 cash or check only. No applicant fingerprints will be taken on Tuesdays as the fingerprint machine is used for weekly order-in’s to the District Court. No appointment is necessary.
How do I get fingerprinted for LIVESCAN submission?
Michigan School employment requires fingerprint clearance. We use a LIVESCAN fingerprint submission to send prints to the State electronically. The employer usually provides a form with their Agency ID (or Requestor ID) number. This number allows the State to send the response directly to the requesting agency. The Police Department does not receive these responses. We purge applicant prints from our system regularly.
Can LIVESCAN results be sent to more than one school district?
We are billed, and therefore charge you, for each submission we send.  Each submission generates only one response.  With some research and planning on your part, results from one submission may be used by more than one agency.  State law allows sharing of this information between school districts, however each district can set its own policy.  They are not required to share with, nor accept results from others. Example: a teacher applies to be a subsitute for more than one district. The applicant contacts BOTH districts to determine is they will SHARE fingerprint results with another district, and if the will ACCEPT results from another district. 
What if the requesting school doesn't receive my fingerprint results?
Submissions are processed automatically and responses are sent via e-mail within a couple of days. Each school with an Agency ID number has designated a specific person to receive these responses. This person at the school must contact the Kentwood Police Department, or the Michigan State Police and request a specific person’s response be sent again. The Kentwood Police Department does not receive responses and we do not retain your fingerprints.
Can a group of individuals be fingerprinted?
If you are in a group of three or more individuals, we ask that you please call ahead and make an appointment for fingerprinting: (616)-698-6580.