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We believe in investing in our people. That’s why our team members have access to a variety of high-quality benefits. These benefits may vary based on an employee’s coverage by a union contract, exemption status, tenure and more. Eligible employees can receive:

More information about key benefits is outlined below.


High-deductible Health Plan

 City employees have the opportunity to receive health coverage through the City’s high-deductible health plan.  Deductions are withheld from the first two paychecks of each month. Deductions are:

  • Single: $8.64
  • Double: $17.79
  • Family: $19.59

 The plan includes:

  • $1,600/individual or $3,200/family deductible for services rendered by in-network providers
  • $2,000/individual and $4,000/family out-of-pocket maximum for services rendered by in-network providers

And features:

  • Routine eye care
  • Chiropractic care
  • Acupuncture up to $1,500 paid annually

Health Savings Account  

City employees may also participate in a health savings account, or HSA. Employee contributions are voluntary and may be made via pre-tax payroll deductions. The City’s annual HSA contribution is 50% of the plan’s deductible.

  • Single: $800
  • Double or Family: $1,600

New hires receive a prorated HSA contribution based on their coverage effective date.

Eligible employees who do not need medical coverage through the City and elect not to enroll are eligible for an annual opt-out payment of $2,400 to 3,000.

Dental Coverage

The City provides dental insurance at no cost to the employee. This benefit covers the following:

  • Annual maximum $1,200 per eligible individual for covered class I, II and III services
  • Lifetime maximum $1,500 per eligible individual for covered class IV services
  • Class I preventive services, including biannual examinations and yearly X-rays, covered at 100%
  • Class II restorative services such as crowns and root canal therapy covered at 80%
  • Class III major services such as complete and partial removal dentures covered at 80%
  • Class IV orthodontic services such as fixed and removable appliance therapy covered at 80%

Vision Coverage

Employees may choose to enroll in the vision plan. Deductions are withheld from the first two paychecks of each month. Deductions are:

  • Single: $2.51
  • Double: $5.66
  • Family: $6.79

The plan includes:

  • Maximum benefit allowance of $500 per benefit year
  • Vision examination covered at 100%
  • Eyeglass lenses for a $10 copay
  • Frames covered up to $130
  • Contact lenses (pair) elective covered up to $130

 Short-term Disability

Employees may apply for short-term disability. Enrolled employees pay for the full cost of this insurance by post-tax payroll deductions. During enrollment employees select the coverage level that best meets their needs. The cost for coverage depends on the employee’s age and amount of coverage selected.

Long-term Disability 

The City provides long-term disability insurance at no cost to the employee. This benefit covers 70% of base annual earnings. Long-term disability benefits begin after the elimination period of 90 calendar days.

Life and AD&D Insurance

The City provides a group term life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance plan at no cost to employees. This coverage is equal to $60,000, or the employee’s annual base salary rounded to the next higher $1,000, whichever is higher, to a maximum of $135,000.

Life Insurance

Employees may apply for additional life insurance beyond the group term life insurance provided by the City. The employee pays for the full cost of this additional coverage by post-tax payroll deductions.

Flexible Spending Account

Flexible spending accounts, or FSAs, are available for medical, limited purpose and dependent care. Employees who participate in a high-deductible health plan, such as an HSA plan, are not eligible to enroll in a health FSA.

Transparency in Health Coverage Machine Readable Files


 Retirement Plan

 Upon hire, employees are enrolled in the 401(a) Defined Contribution (DC) Plan. Employee and City contributions to the plan are as follows:

  • Employees classified as exempt receive a City contribution of 12% of eligible earnings to the employee’s account in the City’s DC plan. Employees are not able to contribute to this plan.
  • Employees classified as non-exempt receive a City contribution of 9% of earnings. Non-exempt employees are required to contribute 4% of earnings (pre-tax).

Employee participation in the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan and Roth IRA is voluntary and employees can enroll at any time.

Retirement Health Savings Plan

Employees are automatically enrolled in and required to contribute to a Retirement Health Savings Plan. Upon separation of employment, employees may reimburse themselves for qualified healthcare expenses. The City contributes $42.31 per pay period to each eligible employee’s plan. Employee contributions to the plan are pre-tax and the amount is dependent on which union contract they are covered by, if any.


Paid Holidays

The City provides up to 11 paid holidays annually for most employees. Specific holidays recognized and whether it is provided off with pay or special holiday pay is provided is dependent on the which union contract covers the employee, if any.

Personal Leave

Most employees receive 24 hours of personal leave upon hire and annually thereafter on July 1.


Employees accrue vacation leave per pay period as outlined in the tables below.

 Npon exempt employees vacation table   Exempt vacation table   Department head vacation table

Fire vacation table   Police vacation table 

Sick Leave

Employees are provided with significant paid sick leave to cover unexpected illnesses and injuries. Employees accrue sick leave each pay period as outlined below. 

Accrual Per Pay Period

8- and 10-hour shift employees

3.7 hours

24-hour shift employees

5.54 hours

Paid Parental Leave 

The City of Kentwood provides up to four weeks of paid parental leave to employees following the birth of an employee’s child or the placement of a child with an employee in connection with adoption, or six weeks to an employee who gives birth.

Bereavement Leave  

A paid bereavement leave of absence is available for up to five workdays.

Jury and Witness Duty Leave

 Employees summoned by a court to serve as jurors or to appear as witnesses in a judicial proceeding are given a paid jury/witness leave of absence for a period of their duty. For each day, up to a maximum of 60 workdays per year, that an employee is required to be in court as a juror, potential juror or witness when the employee otherwise would have worked, the employee will receive their regular rate of pay for the number of hours in their regularly scheduled workday.


All employees and their household members are covered by the City’s employee assistance program, Encompass. Encompass provides free, confidential services, including counseling, coaching, health and lifestyle assessments, work and life resources and more.

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to our Human Resources team at 616.554.0750 or HR@kentwood.us.