Sidewalk Repair Program



The City is committed to ensuring safe pedestrian access throughout the community, which provides many positive benefits. We appreciate the partnership of residents and business owners in keeping our pathways clear for everyone to use and enjoy.

Our Code of Ordinances requires property owners to maintain the sidewalk in front of their home or business by keeping the sidewalk clear (e.g., snow removal, etc.). The City also does its part by repairing or replacing sidewalk that is unsafe or falling into a state of disrepair as part of our annual Sidewalk Repair Program.


Each year, our staff annually surveys sidewalk throughout the City each fall to identify areas of concern and then notifies property owners by letter if repairs are needed.

Property owners may opt to find their own contractor to complete the repair or participate in the City’s Sidewalk Repair Program, which is typically more cost-effective for property owners.

After receiving the letter, property owners have until the end of that calendar year to provide notice to the City if they plan to complete the repairs themselves or with their own contractor. If no notice is provided, or a permit for replacement not obtained, the City will make the repair and/or replacement and then bill the property owner for the work that was done.

The City bids out for contractors for sidewalk repairs and replacements in the late winter. This work is completed the following summer. Contractors hired by the City are required to provide notice to property owners before any sidewalk work begins.

Property owners receive the bill for sidewalk repair costs with their winter taxes following the completion of work.


Do I need to tell you if I want to be in City’s Sidewalk Repair Program?

No, residents only need to notify the City if they plan to manage the repair themselves. You can call or email if you would like to manage the work yourself by hiring a contractor or challenge the need to repair the sidewalk.

Why should I participate in the Sidewalk Repair Program?

It’s easy, convenient and cost-effective to participate in our program. We arrange for the sidewalk repair and/or replacement and bill you upon completion of the work. In almost all cases, it costs less to participate in our program than it does to hire your own contractor or do the work yourself.

What is the estimate for my repairs based on?

The estimate is based on the previous year’s construction costs. Prices do fluctuate from year to year, so the final cost may be above or below the estimated price.

Can I repair the sidewalk in front of my property without the City’s program?

Yes. Property owners may hire a contractor who has placed bonds and a certificate of insurance on file with the City of Kentwood to perform the work or do it themselves if they are bonded and insured. A right-of-way permit must be obtained through the Engineering Department for this work.

Who is Kentwood’s sidewalk contractor?

The contractor selected for the City’s Sidewalk Repair Program is hired through a competitive bidding process each year. This helps to ensure a cost-effective rate for participants of the program. The bidding takes place annually in January or February.

For any additional questions, please contact Kentwood Engineering at 616.554.0737 or


Make a Public Service Request – Whether it’s a damaged sidewalk, pothole in the street, tree concern or other maintenance issues, it's easy to report issues online with our Public Service Request System.

After you submit a service request, you can view its progress on the Public Service Request map. If someone has already submitted the issue you are reporting, you can click "Fix it!" All reported sidewalk issues are evaluated by our Engineering team for inclusion in the Sidewalk Repair Program.