Local Administrative Orders

Court (62-B District)

Local Administrative Orders for 62-B District Court 

Court Hours, Holidays and Emergency Closings
Caseflow Management Plan LAO 2022-02
Access, Inspection, Reproduction and Creation of Court Records LAO 2021-11
Alternative Dispute Resolution Plan LAO 2021-09
Appointment of Attorney Magistrate Brinks LAO 2023-04
Appointment of Non Attorney Magistrate White LAO 2023-03
Establish Parameters for Conducting  In-Person Jury Proceedings during the COVID-19 Pandemic - LAO 2020-06

Emergency Preparedness - State of Emergency, Coronavirus LAO 2020 01
Establishment of a Courthouse Security Committee LAO 2019 02 
Americans for Disability Act LAO 2015-6
Establishment of a Regional Driving While Intoxicated Treatment Court. LAO 2015-2Appointment of Counsel for Indigent Defendants in Criminal Cases LAO 2013-1
No weapons in courthouse LAO 2001-2
Premarital Counseling Required for Weddings LAO 2000-1