Court (62-B District)

What is an Eviction?
Eviction is the process in which a tenant is forcibly removed from the premises.

What is required for an Eviction?
The landlord must apply to the court and pay a fee.
When can an Order of Eviction be obtained by the landlord?
Generally, the tenant has 10 days from the date of the judgment to move (in some cases, the tenant must move immediately). If not, the landlord will be able to obtain an order of eviction from the court to forcibly evict the tenant from the premises. For Judgments for Non-Payment of Rent: If the tenant pays the judgment amount, the tenant can stay in the unit.

What does the court officer or sheriff do at an eviction?
The court officer or sheriff ensures that eviction occurs in a peaceful manner.

Who removes the tenant’s belongings from the premises?
The landlord is responsible for the actual moving of the tenant’s property.