Online Payment Policy.

Court (62-B District)

Online Payment Policies

The 62-B District Court is pleased to provide online payment options to our community.  It is our hope that this service will be a convenient and efficient method to settle accounts with the court.  The following is our online payment policy:


All online payment transactions occur through a secure third party.  In other words, the 62-B District Court does not directly take payments online.  Essentially, the Court website is a gateway to the online payment system hosted by the third party.

Collection, Distribution, and Use of Information

The 62-B District Court does not store, collect, or use in anyway the information collected by the third party to process an online payment.  The Court supplies the third party with amount of the debt owed, name, and authorization to process the online payment.  No other information is given to the third party regarding the underlying case.


In order to keep the online payment service accessible, the Court will not charge convenience fees for use of the online payment system.

Disputes & Refunds

For all disputes about online payments or requests for refunds, please contact the collections officer at (616) 554-0811.  Each claim will be evaluated individually.  All refunds will be issued from the court directly, and not through the online third party processor.

Legal Admission Implications

All online payments for tickets will be deemed an admission of responsibility for the underlying civil infraction.  If you want a hearing or admit responsibility with an explanation, then you must contact the court directly.

Use is Voluntary

The option to make payments online is provided as a service to the public.  All use of the online system is voluntary.  The court does not require any amounts owed to be paid online.