About Kentwood Assessor 

The City Assessor is responsible for the annual appraisal of all properties in the City of Kentwood which include residential, commercial, industrial, vacant, and personal. There are more than 19,000 parcels in the City. The total SEV in 2023 was over $3,300,000,000 at 50 percent of True Cash Value.

Our work includes visiting existing properties and new construction, along with assistance in the following areas: 


If you have any questions regarding your assessment, please contact City Assessor Andy Johnson or any Assessor’s Office staff member using the contact information below. We will provide a response in seven days or less for any questions about guidelines, rules or tax regulations. 

If you wish to arrange a meeting with the Assessor’s Office to discuss your assessment or any informal dispute, please use the contact information below. Informal appeals can be heard during City Hall business hours before the first Monday in March. Appeals after that day must be made to the March Board of Review.

Requests to inspect or obtain copies of tax records maintained by the Assessor’s Office should be submitted in writing to the Assessor’s Office via email or letter. Your request must include the parcel number, the tax year, the specific records sought, your name, address and telephone number. Please also include your email address if you wish to receive the records electronically. Requests for the production of documents under the Freedom of Information Act can also be made to the contact information below, and the request will be handled through normal City Freedom of Information Act policies and procedures.